Civic Petroleum is committed to high standards of corporate governance, ethics and goodwill. CSR is integrated into the company’s business practices through value-adding products and services and the development of our local community through sustainable social investments. At Civic Petroleum we adheres to high standards of business practice, and are mindful of the impact of its activities on internal and external stakeholders as well as the environment.

Civic Petroleum community relations strategy is hinged on a key principle, to improve the quality of life, and to be a vehicle for development and social change within and beyond areas of operation. In doing this, we continually strive:

  • To be the catalyst for socio-economic change as stakeholders in the community
  • To build capacity as a means for self reliance and economic empowerment
  • To promote sustainable development
  • To contribute in creating an environment that works for our operational community.

    Civic Petroleum relates with our operational communities as an extension of its business in terms of needs and aspirations giving the community a sense of belonging as stakeholders in our business and operations. Our overall engagement covers the following broad areas:

  • Supporting the inner city kids
  • Promoting value reorientation
  • Support of non profit organization.